Review of ArchMage

A Review of the ArchMage
Magic Show on October 9, 2011


Wait, wait, what Flame be that?  It lighteneth the Girders of the Soul.


Ah, I see it.  Such Magicks can only portend that they have attained the Grade of ArchMage.  Come My Lady, let us visit our dear friends.


And such is that Hideous Strength that is BlackSword that with only that, they appeared at:



The First Universalist Church

211 Bridge Street

Salem, MA  01970



Don “Vlad” Deich and  Daniel GreenWolf in ArchMage, their new show, demonstrate why they continue to offer Salem’s longest-running magic show, with performances every day except Wednesday.


For more information please visit them at   Or in Salem.


In the Bardic Magic of Daniel GreenWolf, where magic, music,
mirth and myth come together to create a unique theatrical experience, Daniel
has performed for many groups and companies, including many renaissance fairs,
and has been awarded Tannen’s grand prize as well as the prize for the best Renaissance performer.






The Gothic Magic of Vlad brings to life the classic horror genre with its charmingly dark and slightly twisted style.  Vlad has performed on TV, stage and movie and is a recipient of awards from both the Society of American Magicians and from SAM Assembly 118 Nashua.







GreenWolf opened the show, pulling a brightly colored silk rainbow from nothing and then demonstrating for five astonished audience members the strange compulsion ancient symbols still exert on us.






Vlad, proved that the spirits of fallen civil war soldiers were still substantial enough to turn an old key.  Having advised a young lady in the audience to her chagrin that she was dead, with the help of the Egyptian God Anubis he guided her back from the Underworld.                   



Lastly, GreenWolf was securely padlocked into a large wooden stock and a razor sharp broadsword hoisted high above his head.  An instant before the broadsword plunged into the stage, he escaped certain death.  During this performance, he escaped certain death.





I have reviewed Vlad and GreenWolf’s previous show, Smoke & Mirrors.  As a bizarre magician myself, I noted that they presented a good mixture of light and serious in their performance, which would appeal to both adults visiting Salem during Halloween and these adult’s children.


I want to complement GreenWolf and Vlad on keeping their show entertaining.  An often valid criticism of the genre of bizarre magic, or mystery performing, is that no matter how chilling the effects may be to read, they just don’t come across when performed, often being perceived by the audience as an overly long campfire tale ending in a magic trick, if one can stay awake that long.  However, Daniel and Vlad’s affects are well designed and well-paced, and they most definitely keep their audience awake.


Please enjoy ArchMage as much as Lady BlackSword and I did.


          Lord BlackSword